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What is new in CAF2020

From CAF Network

Due to its proven effectiveness, the framework for the self-assessment has not been changed from the reference to the eight Principles of Excellence on which it is based. The CAF is still composed of 9 criteria and 28 subcriteria, but some of the subcriteria have been reformulated for better understanding.

Users of previous CAF versions will not find it too difficult to find their way around the new version, as it is a moderate update. CAF2020 strengthens the focus on digitalisation and pays attention to agility, sustainability and diversity regarding the connection of the operational with the strategic levels to support reforms implementation. Major changes have been introduced at the level of the examples that have all been reviewed, shortening the descriptions and reducing their number. The glossary has been updated accordingly. In the Annex there is a table that compares CAF 2013 with the CAF2020 version.

Organisations are free to adapt the implementation of the model to their specific needs and contextual circumstances. However, the structure of the model with the 9 criteria and the 28 subcriteria, as well as the use of one of the assessment panels, is strongly recommended, as it is to implement the process following the given guidelines.