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Subcriterion 9.2

From CAF Network

Internal results: level of efficiency

The internal results are related to the efficiency, the effectiveness of internal processes and the financial measures of the functioning of the organisation. They can include the results of its process management (e.g. productivity, cost-effectiveness, defectiveness), financial performance (e.g. effective use of financial resources, conformity of financial results to budget), the effective use of resources (e.g. partnerships, information, technology, facilities), and can consider the results of performance evaluations (internal inspections and audits, certifications, participation in competitions and awards).


  • a. The efficiency of the organisation in managing the available resources including people, knowledge and facilities;
  • b. Results of improvements and innovations of processes;
  • c. Results of benchmarking (comparative analysis);
  • d. Results of joint activities and partnership agreements;
  • e. The impact of digitalisation on the performance of the organisation;
  • f. Results of internal inspections and audits;
  • g. Results of participation in competitions, quality awards and the quality management system certification;
  • h. Results of fulfilment of budgets and financial targets;
  • i. Cost-effectiveness –achieving outcomes at the lowest possible costs.