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Subcriterion 9.1

From CAF Network

External results: output and public value

The external results are the measures of the effectiveness of the organisation’s strategy in terms of capacity to satisfy the expectations of the external stakeholders and to produce public value, in line with the organisation’s mission, vision and public sector reforms. Any public sector organisation should assess to what extent its key goals are achieved as defined in the strategic plan in terms of outputs –services and products –and outcome –impact of the organisation’s core activities on external stakeholders and on society, in order to be able to improve its performance in an effective way.


  • a. Outputs – quantity and quality of services and products;
  • b. Outcomes – effects of the services and products on the target group;
  • c. The degree of achievement of contracts/agreements between authorities and the organisation;
  • d. Results of external inspections and performance audits;
  • e. Results of benchmarking (comparative analysis) in terms of outputs and outcomes;
  • f. Results of public sector reforms implementation.