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Subcriterion 8.2

From CAF Network

Performance measurements

Performance measurements focus on the measures used by the organisation to monitor, understand, predict and improve the performance regarding its social responsibility. It should give a clear indication of the effectiveness of the approaches of the organisation on societal issues. They can consider the ethical behaviour, the initiatives and results of prevention of health risks, the initiatives to exchange knowledge, the initiatives to preserve resources and reduce the environmental impact, etc.


  • a. The organisation’s activities to preserve and sustain resources;
  • b. The frequency of the relationship with relevant authorities, groups and community representatives;
  • c. The amount and importance of positive and negative media coverage;
  • d. Support dedicated to socially disadvantaged and underprivileged citizens;
  • e. Support as an employer for a policy on diversity and on integration and acceptance of ethnic minorities and disadvantaged people;
  • f. Support for international development projects;
  • g. Shared knowledge, information and data with all interested stakeholders;
  • h. Programmes to prevent health risks and accidents for citizens/customers.