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Subcriterion 8.1

From CAF Network

Perception measurements

Perception measurements focus on the perception by the community of the organisation’s performance on a local, regional, national or international level. This perception can be obtained through different sources including surveys, reports, public press meetings, NGOs, CSOs (civil society organisations), direct feedback from stakeholders and the neighbourhood.

The perception gives an indication of the effectiveness of the social and environmental strategies. It includes the view on transparency, the impact on the quality of life and quality of democracy, the view about ethical behaviour to support the citizens, and the approach and results on environmental issues.


  • a. The impact of the organisation on the quality of citizens’/customers’ life beyond the institutional mission;
  • b. The reputation of the organisation as a contributor to local/global society;
  • c. The organisation’s impact on economic development;
  • d. The organisation’s impact on environmental sustainability, including climate change;
  • e. The organisation’s impact on the quality of democracy, transparency, ethical behaviour, the rule of law, openness and integrity.