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Subcriterion 7.2

From CAF Network

Performance measurements

Performance measurements are composed of internal people-related performance indicators that enable the organisation to measure the results achieved regarding people’s overall behaviour, their performance, the development of skills, their motivation and their level of involvement in the organisation.

Such results typically include internal measurements of the behaviour people display in practice (e.g. sick leave, staff turnover, number of staff complaints, number of proposals for innovation, etc.).


General people’s results

  • a. Indicators regarding people’s retention, loyalty and motivation;
  • b. The level of involvement in improvement activities;
  • c. The number of ethical dilemmas (e.g. possible conflicts of interest) reported;
  • d. The frequency of voluntary participation in the context of activities related to social responsibility;
  • e. Indicators regarding people’s ability to respond to citizens’/customers’ needs;

Results regarding individual performance and capacities

  • f. Indicators regarding individual performance;
  • g. Indicators regarding the use of digital information and communication tools;
  • h. Indicators regarding skills development and training;
  • i. The frequency of recognising individuals and teams.