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Subcriterion 7.1

From CAF Network

Perception measurements

The subcriterion assesses whether people perceive the organisation as an attractive workplace and whether they are motivated in their everyday work to do their best for the organisation. It is important for all public sector organisations to systematically measure people’s perception of the organisation and the quality and services the organisation provides to them.


General perception of the organisation.

  • a. The image and the overall performance of the organisation;
  • b. People’s involvement in the organisation, the decision-making process and improvement activities;
  • c. People’s awareness of possible conflicts of interest and the importance of ethical behaviour and integrity;
  • d. The mechanism of feedback, consultation, dialogue and systematic staff surveys;
  • e. The organisation’s social responsibility;
  • f. The organisation‘s openness for change and innovation;
  • g. The impact of digitalisation on the organisation;
  • h. The agility of the organisation;

Perception of the management and management systems

  • i. The management’s ability to lead the organisation and to communicate about it;
  • j. The design and management of the different processes of the organisation;
  • k. The division of tasks and the evaluation system regarding people;
  • l. The management of knowledge;
  • m. The internal communication and information measures;
  • n. The extent and the quality to which individual and team efforts are recognised;

Perception of the working conditions

  • o. The working atmosphere and the organisation’s culture;
  • p. The approach to social issues (e.g. flexibility of working hours, work–life balance, health protection);
  • q. The handling of equal opportunities, and fairness of treatment and behaviour in the organisation;
  • r. The working facilities;

Perception of the career and skills development

  • s. Systematic career and competency development;
  • t. The access to and quality of training and professional development.