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Subcriterion 6.2

From CAF Network

Performance measurements

Besides the direct measurement of citizen and customer perception, the quality of services delivered to citizens and customers can be measured by performance management indicators. Here, measurable results of management indicators (e.g. processing time, waiting time, number of complaints) are used.

Lessons can be learned based on these measurements about the quality of products and service delivery, the transparency and accessibility, and stakeholder involvement and innovation. The CAF gives an overview of examples for internal indicators which measure the performance in order to fulfil the needs and expectations of customers and citizens.


Results regarding the quality of products and services

  • a. Waiting time (handling/processing time of service delivery);
  • b. Number and processing time of complaints and corrective actions implemented;
  • c. Results of evaluation measures regarding errors and compliance with Q-standards;
  • d. Adherence to published service standards;

Results regarding transparency, accessibility and integrity

  • e. Number of information and communication channels, including social media;
  • f. Availability and accuracy of the information;
  • g. Availability of performance goals and results of the organisation;
  • h. Extent of open data delivery;

Results regarding stakeholder involvement and innovation

  • i. Extent of involvement of stakeholders in the design and the delivery of services and products and/or decision-making processes;
  • j. Number of suggestions received and implemented;

Results regarding usage of digitalisation and e-government procedures

  • k. Extent of evaluation activities jointly with the stakeholders to monitor their changing needs and the degree to which they are satisfied;
  • l. Opening hours of the different services (departments);
  • m. Cost price of the services;
  • n. Availability of information concerning management responsibilities of the different services.