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Subcriterion 6.1

From CAF Network

Perception measurements

The direct measurement of the satisfaction or perception of the citizens and customers is of great importance. Measuring the perception of citizens and customers means directly asking them and getting direct feedback and information on different aspects of the organisation’s performance. In most cases this is done by customer or citizen surveys. Complementary tools such as focus groups or users panels are also used.

This subcriterion assesses whether the organisation performs these measurements and shows the results of these measurements in several areas such as the image of the organisation, accessibility, performance of the staff, participation of citizens/customers, transparency of the information, quality and specifications of products and services, and the innovation, agility and digitalisation skills of the organisation.


General perception of the organisation

  • a. The overall image of the organisation and the public reputation;
  • b. The accessibility of the organisation;
  • c. The citizen/customer orientation of the staff;
  • d. The involvement and participation of the citizen/customer including e-participation;
  • e. The transparency, openness and information provided by the organisation;

Perception of the services and products

  • f. The accessibility of physical and digital services;
  • g. The quality of products and services;
  • h. Differentiation of services taking into account customer needs;
  • i. The capabilities for innovation of the organisation;
  • j. The agility of the organisation;
  • k. The digitalisation in the organisation;
  • l. The integrity of the organisation and the general trust of the customers/citizens.