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Subcriterion 5.2

From CAF Network

Deliver products and services for customers, citizens, stakeholders and society

This subcriterion assesses how organisations develop and deliver their services/products in order to satisfy the needs of the citizens/customers by involving them.

Drawing on the expertise and creativity of citizens and civil society will foster an efficient, effective and innovative public sector, delivering innovative services and products at a fair cost and a focus on the once-only principle. In order to enhance the quality of services and products, the role of citizens/customers at three levels can be very beneficial considering co-design, co-decision and co-production: Co-producing services increases the sustainability of quality because the production becomes co-owned and because the way of producing becomes more transparent, more understandable and therefore more legitimate and satisfying.


  • a. Identify and design the products and services of the organisation and actively manage the full lifecycle including recycling and re-use.
  • b. Use innovative methods for developing customer-oriented and demand-driven public services and focus on the once-only principle.
  • c. Apply diversity and gender management to identify and meet needs and expectations.
  • d. Involve citizens/customers and other stakeholders in the design and delivery of products and services, and in the development of quality standards.
  • e. Promote the products and services of the organisation and ensure appropriate information to assist citizens and customers.
  • f. Promote accessibility to products and services of the organisation (e.g. online accessibility of services, flexible opening hours, documents in a variety of formats e.g. on paper as well as an electronic version, appropriate languages, posters, brochures, Braille and audio notice boards).
  • g. Use customer surveys, complaint management procedures and other forms of feedback to identify potentials for optimising processes, products and services.