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Subcriterion 5.1

From CAF Network

Design and manage processes to increase value for citizens and customers

This subcriterion examines how the processes support the strategic and operational goals of the organisation and how they are identified, designed, managed and innovated to increase value for the organisation. How managers and people of the organisation as well as the different external stakeholders are involved in the processes of design, management and innovation is very relevant for the quality of the service/product delivered.

Designing processes around the customers’ needs demands an agile organisation, a systematic analysis of customer/citizen needs and regularly assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes through approaches such as lean methodology.


  • a. Design lean processes around customer needs and views to ensure an agile organisational structure. Identify and document the processes on an ongoing basis.
  • b. Match the processes on a regular basis to the needs and expectations of employees and relevant stakeholders.
  • c. Design and implement a system for managing processes exploiting the opportunities from digitalisation, data-drivenness and open standards.
  • d. Ensure that the processes support the strategic goals and are planned and managed, allocating the needed resources to achieve the targets established.
  • e. Identify process owners (the people who control all the steps in the process) and assign responsibilities and competences to them.
  • f. Analyse and evaluate processes, risks and critical success factors regularly, taking into consideration the changing environment.
  • g. Simplify the processes on a regular basis, proposing changes in the legal requirements if necessary.
  • h. Drive process innovation and optimisation forward by paying attention to national and international good practices, involving relevant stakeholders.
  • i. Review and improve the processes to ensure the protection of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR).