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Subcriterion 4.6

From CAF Network

Manage facilities

Public organisations have to evaluate at regular intervals the state of the infrastructure they have at their disposal. The infrastructure available needs to be managed in an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way so that it serves the needs of the customers and supports the working conditions of the staff.

Safe and healthy working conditions are an important requirement for the performance of the organisation. Equally relevant is the aspect of sustainability, including a life cycle policy of buildings, rooms and equipment.


  • a. Ensure effective, efficient and sustainable provision and maintenance of all facilities (buildings, offices, facilities, energy supply, equipment, means of transport and materials).
  • b. Provide safe and effective working conditions and use facilities, including barrier-free access in order to meet customers’ needs.
  • c. Apply a life cycle policy in an integrated facility management system (buildings, technical equipment, etc.), including their safe re-use, recycling or disposal.
  • d. Ensure that the facilities of the organisation provide an added public value (by putting them at disposal of the local community, for example).