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Subcriterion 4.5

From CAF Network

Manage technology

ICT and other technological policies of the organisation need to be managed so they support the strategic and operational goals of the organisation in a sustainable way.

A clear vision followed by a viable strategy of where and how to use ICT for which processes and services is fundamental. To achieve the best performance for customers, citizens and employees, their needs, abilities, expectations and suggestions should be integrated into the organisation’s strategy.

Additionally, the balance between open data provision and data protection has to be ensured.


  • a. Design technology management in accordance with the strategic and operational objectives, and monitor its effect, cost-effectiveness and impact systematically.
  • b. Identify and use new technologies (big data, automatisation, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, etc.)relevant for the organisation, implementing open data and open source application whenever appropriate.
  • c. Use technology to support creativity, innovation, collaboration (using cloud services or tools) and participation.
  • d. Define how ICT can improve internal and external services and provide online services in an intelligent way to meet stakeholders´ needs and expectations.
  • e. Take actions to provide effective data protection and cyber security implementing the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • f. Take into account the socio-economic and environmental impact of ICT, e.g. waste management of cartridges, reduced accessibility by non-electronic users.