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Subcriterion 4.2

From CAF Network

Collaborate with citizens and civil society organisations

The involvement of citizens and civil society organisations is increasingly seen as a necessary lever for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public organisations that have to support it. The feedback received by way of complaints, ideas and suggestions is regarded as an important input towards improving services and products. Partnerships with civil society organisations are relevant in the full policy cycle: co-decision makers, co-designers, co-producers and co-evaluators.

As co-decision makers, citizens share the decisions that affect them. As co-designers, they have an impact on service delivery in response to their specific needs. As co-producers, they are involved in the production and/or delivery cycle of services. As co-evaluators, they assess the quality of services and public policies.


  • a. Ensure transparency by a proactive information policy,also providing open data of the organisation.
  • b. Actively encourage participation and collaboration with citizens:
    • co-design and co-decision: via consultation groups, surveys, opinion polls and quality circles;
    • co-production: taking over roles in service delivery;
    • co-evaluation.
  • c. Actively seek ideas, suggestions and complaints of citizens/customers, collecting them by appropriate means (e.g. surveys, consultation groups, questionnaires, complaints boxes, opinion polls).