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Subcriterion 4.1

From CAF Network

Develop and manage partnerships with relevant organisations

In our constantly changing society of growing complexity, public organisations are required to manage relations with other organisations in order to achieve their strategic objectives. These can be private, non-governmental and public partners.

Organisations should thus define who their key partners are and develop agreements with them. For the success of a public policies chain, the collaboration between different institutional levels is crucial.


  • a. Identify key partners (e.g. purchaser-provider, supplier, co-production, complementary/substitution product provider, owner, founder) from the private and public sector and civil society to build sustainable relationships based on trust, dialogue and openness.
  • b. Manage partnership agreements taking into account the potential of different partners to achieve mutual benefit and to support one another with expertise, resources and knowledge.
  • c. Define each partner’s role and responsibilities including controls, evaluations and reviews; monitor results and impacts of the partnerships systematically.
  • d. Secure the organisation’s principles and values by selecting providers with a socially responsible profile in the context of public procurement.