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Subcriterion 3.2

From CAF Network

Develop and manage competencies of people

The identification, development and management of people’s competencies is crucial for the success of an organisation. Individual competence development plans and regular performance dialogues prepare the ground for supporting staff to assume greater responsibility and to take more initiative to continually develop the organisation’s competencies.

When this is in line with its strategic goals, it fosters people’s performance and supports a dynamic working culture also by promoting innovative training methods (e.g. e-learning, multimedia approach, design thinking approach).

Furthermore, this is needed in a highly competitive job market to attract young and talented people in order to achieve the organisation’s goals.


  • a. Implement a human resource development strategy/plan based on identified current and future competence, skills and performance requirements of people.
  • b. Attract and develop the talents necessary to achieve the mission, vision and objectives.
  • c. Enable new and innovative forms of learning to develop competencies (design thinking, teamwork, labs, experiments, e-learning, on-the-job learning).
  • d. Establish individual competence development plans including personal skills (e.g. openness for innovation) as part of the regular performance interview (employee development interview), which provides a forum for mutual feedback and matching expectations.
  • e. Create specific programmes and training for leadership development including public management instruments.
  • f. Guide new people by means of mentoring, coaching and individual counselling.
  • g. Develop and promote modern training methods (e.g. multimedia approach, on-the-job training, e-learning, using social media).
  • h. Assess the impacts of training and development programmes on the organisational goals and transfer of content to colleagues.