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Subcriterion 3.1

From CAF Network

Manage and improve human resources to support the strategy of the organisation

A comprehensive approach to managing people, the workplace culture and environment is a key part of strategic planning in an organisation. Effective human resources management enables people to contribute effectively and productively to the organisation’s overall mission, vision and the accomplishment of the organisation´s objectives.

The subcriterion assesses whether the organisation aligns its strategic objectives with its human resources so that they are identified, developed, deployed and improved transparently, and taken into account to achieve optimum success. It questions how the organisation succeeds in attracting and retaining people capable of delivering services and products, reflecting customers’ needs and expectations. It involves regular analyses of current and future human resources needs and the development and implementation of a human resources management policy with objective criteria regarding recruitment, career development, promotion, remuneration, rewards, merit and the assignment of managerial functions.


  • a. Analyse current and future human resource needs in line with the strategy of the organisation.
  • b. Develop and implement a transparent HR policy based on objective criteria for recruitment, promotion, remuneration, development, delegation, responsibilities, rewards and the assignment of managerial functions, in accordance with the organisation’s HR principles.
  • c. Implement the principles of fairness, political neutrality, merit based, equal opportunities, diversity, social responsibility and work–life balance in the HR policy and review the necessity for promoting women’s careers and develop plans accordingly.
  • d. Ensure the necessary competences and capabilities to achieve the mission, vision and values of the organisationare in place, especially focusing on social skills, agile mindset, and digital and innovation skills.
  • e. Support a performance culture by defining performance goals shared with the people and monitoring the performance systematically, and conduct performance dialogues with the people.