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Subcriterion 2.3

From CAF Network

Communicate, implement and review strategies and plans

The capacity of the organisation to deploy its strategy depends on the quality of the plans and programmes detailing the targets and results expected from each organisational level, as well as from the employees. Relevant stakeholders and employees at the different organisational levels should thus be well informed of the goals and targets related to them to guarantee an effective and uniform implementation of the strategy.

The organisation has to deploy the strategy at each level. The management should ensure that the right processes, project and programme management, and organisational structures are put into place to ensure an effective and timely implementation.

Organisations should consistently and critically monitor the implementation of their strategy and planning, adjust practices and processes when necessary, or update them if needed. The strategy and planning have to be communicated to all the relevant stakeholders.


  • a. Translate the strategies of the organisation into relevant plans, tasks and targets for units and individuals.
  • b. Develop plans and programmes with targets and results for each organisational unit with indicators for the expected results.
  • c. Communicate strategies, performance plans and intended/achieved results of the organisation internally and to all relevant stakeholders.
  • d. Monitor and evaluate the performance of the organisation at regular intervals at all levels (departments, functions, organisational chart) to control efficiency, effectiveness and the strategies’ implementation levels.