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Subcriterion 2.2

From CAF Network

Develop strategies and plans based on gathered information

Developing the strategy means defining strategic objectives for the public organisation in line with the public policies, the needs of the relevant stakeholders and the vision of the leaders, including the available management information, as well as information on developments in the external environment.

Strategic priorities and decisions taken by the top management should ensure clear objectives on outputs and outcomes, and the resources to achieve them. The social responsibility of public sector organisations should be reflected in their strategy.

Planning involves a conscious and methodical approach that will guide the organisation at all levels to achieve the strategic goals. Indicators and result-monitoring systems used in the subsequent execution phase should be defined during the planning. It is the work-through on strategies and action plans that creates a framework for the measurement of the results to be assessed in the criteria on citizen/customers (Criterion 6), people (Criterion 7), social responsibility (Criterion 8) and key performance (Criterion 9).


  • a. Develop the strategy by defining long-and short-term priorities and goals in line with the vision and the national and European strategies.
  • b. Involve stakeholders and use information about their differentiated needs and views to develop strategies and plans.
  • c. Integrate aspects of sustainability, social responsibility, diversity and gender mainstreaming in the strategies and plans of the organisation.
  • d. Develop plans by defining priorities, objectives and outputs (the products and services provided) and outcomes in line with the mission and public sector reform.
  • e. Ensure the availability of resources for an effective implementation of the plan.