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Practice:Municipality of Kastoria

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DescriptionDescription of practice

It is a fact that the Internet has long been the aid of various kinds of web-based collaboration and virtual teamwork. Especially today, the emergence of several web-based technologies such as wikis, blogs and content sharing enablers, transforms the Internet to a medium of mass social interaction and collaboration, also promoting the formation of various kinds of online communities. The present case demonstrates a CAF best practice in that concerns the improvement of collaboration by exploiting such technologies. This was conceived by the Municipality of Kastoria CAF Work Group in order to deal with the enhancement of participation of both its personnel and stakeholders and towards the dissemination of its outcomes.

As regards to the project background, the first main issue to be addressed in order to successfully tackle CAF by the Municipality of Kastoria, was the assignment of the CAF Work Group (CWG) members. A series of contacts and meetings were held in order to achieve full acceptance and consensus on the implementation of the Framework. These preparatory activities were decisive for the establishment of a common understanding and for amplifying stakeholders’ commitment

The evaluation process started immediately without external help while the total duration of the process was decided not to overcome a three (3) month period. The data collection process began by the CWG without delay, while meetings of the members of the Group took place in a weekly basis. These meetings were crucial in developing a collaborative spirit and attitude as discussion and creative dialogue about the conditions and the results of the CPA helped the collaborators to become a lively Community of Practice.

Innovative approachesInnovative approaches of the practice

As regards to the collection of data per se, this was carried out by the completion of structured questionnaires by all employees as well as from citizens, followed by the collection and processing of the questionnaires and other documentation by the members of the CWG. The process of data collection and analysis was completed through the discussion and evaluation of the collected data and the rating of the criteria and sub-criteria. All the above were based in the collaboration platform of Google, that is the Google Drive, Google Forms and Google Calendar. Due to the abovementioned Google collaboration tools, teamwork was easily accessible and free, allowing for an effortless way to get started with online teamwork. Younger workers were familiar with the Google collaboration suite, but it was also easy for the senior collaborators to adapt, making this a comfortable way for all to work together through the cloud.

Results and outcomesResults and outcomes of the CAF implementation

The implementation of CAF was completed without external assistance, performed by the CWG with freeware collaborative means. Municipality of Kastoria finalizes its report on the 2nd of February 2018 in order to proceed to its first CAF application.

The joint consideration of the individuals’ standpoints through the conduct of discourses was the major problem to be addressed. These discourses were based on the exchange of the involved stakeholders’ points-of-view. During these processes stakeholders formulated and put forward his/her own position that fulfilled some goals at a specific acceptance level. Thus, in most cases, reaching a decision was a lengthy and laborious procedure, as conflicts of interest were unavoidable and support for achieving consensus and compromise was required.

As it derives this best practice demonstrates the impact of collaboration software to the lives of online workgroups and proposes its use in assisting collaborative learning. Co workers in the Municipality were transformed to collaborators as for implementing CAF they had to act in sociable and communityoriented ways. Indeed, collaboration technologies not only delivered content on demand over the Web but also supported the social architecture of the organization as well as they aided in buliding a community. Furthermore, the use of shareware applications enhanced collaboration, and by increasing the availability and accessibility of knowledge, strongly affected peoples’ everyday working and learning practices.

Further informationFurther information of the practice

This is an application form for a Good Practice Case for the 8th European CAF-User Event.
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Municipality of Kastoria
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CountryCountry of the practice Greece
CityCity, town or village Kastoria
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Municipality of Kastoria
Type of organisationType of organisation Local or regional administration
Function of organisationFunction of organisation General public services
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OrganisationName of Organisation Municipality of Kastoria
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