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Municipality Pressbaum

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DescriptionDescription of practice

The municipality of Pressbaum is one of four Lower Austrian municipalities that have implemented CAF first in year 2019. In preparation for the introduction of the CAF programme, the CAF questionnaire has been adjusted to the specific challenges, circumstances and examples of municipalities within the overall framework of the original CAF version.

Pressbaum is a municipality with 7727 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2022) in the district of St. Pölten in Lower Austria. Since 2005, Pressbaum has been a part of the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve, with a core zone of the same located in the Pfalzau on Pressbaum's municipal territory. Since 2007, Pressbaum has been a member municipality of the Climate Alliance Austria. In 2012, there were efforts to have Pressbaum elevated to the status of a city, which was justified primarily by the growing number of inhabitants and the importance as a school location. On November 20, 2012, Pressbaum was elevated to a city.

The Municipal Academy of Lower Austria is planning to produce a guide for the implementation of quality management in Lower Austrian municipalities as part of its series of publications and to make it available to Lower Austrian municipalities as an aid to implementation. On behalf of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, the KDZ is the central contact for all questions concerning the implementation of the CAF as well as for the certification with the CAF quality label in Austria. Within the framework of numerous projects in different territorial entities (federal, provincial, municipal) and NPOs, the CAF process could be further developed and continuously improved for the users.

In this context, the KDZ has developed the CAF-Kommunal with four Lower Austrian pilot municipalities, a questionnaire that is tailored to the needs and special questions as well as organizational challenges of municipalities.

The development of this CAF-guide for Lower Austrian municipalities had the following goals in particular:

• To develop a common assessment questionnaire for the implementation of the Common Assessment Framework in Lower Austria's municipalities.

• Implementation of the CAF process in 4 pilot municipalities.

• Summary of the results for the implementation of the CAF process as well as central results in a guideline in the publication series of the Kommunalakademie Niederösterreich.

Innovative approachesInnovative approaches of the practice

The experiences of all pilot municipalities have been summarized in a CAF Guideline for municipalities. In this guideline, the steps as well as success factors in the implementation of CAF programme for interested municipalities are explained.

Results and outcomesResults and outcomes of the CAF implementation

The team of evaluators shows a high willingness to critically evaluate their own organization, this is evident in some criteria with very low scores. The potential to develop into a learning organization is also seen, and the team was also in agreement over long stretches to pick up on the potentials and set goals for further development.

As a result, many suggestions for improvement were collected. During priority setting and sound project management, step by step improvements can now be achieved for the individual employees, for the workforce as a whole and for Pressbaum.

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Municipality Pressbaum
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Municipality Pressbaum
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