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Krajský súd v Banskej Bystrici

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Krajský súd v Banskej Bystrici PageIDUnique ID of the page: 703

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YearYear 2020
CountryCountry of the practice Slovakia
CityCity, town or village Banská Bystrica
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Type of organisationType of organisation
Function of organisationFunction of organisation
Size of organisationSize of organisation
Level of governmentLevel of government
Effective CAF user dateDate since effective CAF user 2019/07/11
OrganisationName of Organisation
DepartmentDepartment of the organisation
AddressAddress of the organisation Skuteckého48° 44' 19.69" N, 19° 9' 3.87" E
ZIPZIP code (postal code)
CityCity, town or village Banská Bystrica
WebsiteLink to the Website of the Organisation
EmailEmail of Organisation
PersonName of contact person
Job titleJob title of the contact person