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Practice:Federal Pension Service

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DescriptionDescription of practice

Project background

Starting out as a single scheme online pension file in 2010, has been transformed during the past years in a multi-scheme, multi-pillar personal pension portal. offers the citizens all information on his insurance periods in the three main statutory pension schemes (salaried worker – self-employed worker – civil servant), gives a globalised estimate of his pension date and amount in the statutory pension scheme and a complete overview of current and past contracts regarding his occupational pension. wants to raise awareness on the pension topic and gives the citizen a tool that offers a clear view on his current and future pension built up: What can I expect? What will my pension be? How should I plan my retirement? Following a recent survey of our website’s visitors, offers in this way the answer on the key questions they ask themselves.

The design of new functionalities offered on are triggered by citizen’s information needs when pension legislation changes. For policy makers, is also a tool to give transparency on the impact of law changes. Citizens themselves can directly see the impact of changing pension regulation on their pension date and pension amount.

But is not read-only. It is an interactive tool between the citizen and the pension administration. The Federal Pension Service has an active e-communication policy: all correspondence is published on and citizens are invited to communicate solely via Proactively the citizen is invited to control his data and react on missing career elements. By doing so the pension file will be more complete at the moment of the pension demand which fosters the possibility of automatically granting pensions in the future. Finally, he can apply for his pension via and register all relevant information via an intuitive form. In this way is the unique, digital front office of the Belgian pension institutions.

Coordinated an rationalized processes between the pension institutions are necessary to offer an online service, like, to the citizen. Technically, is the front-end of a collaborative back-end structure called Pensionmotor. Pensionmotor consists of three elements: 1. A central, unique database containing 6,7 million careers used by each pension institution as a common basis for their pension calculation. 2. Three distant schemes specific pension calculation engine. Each institution responsible for the interpretation of the proper legislation and choice of technology. 3. A central orchestrating system to coordinate the interactions between the different pension engines and the front-end

To come to this technological collaboration a solid partnership was established between the different pension institutions involved in the project, between their business and ICT-units. For the pension institutions responsible for the salaried workers and civil servants this partnership has even led to a fusion and creation of the Federal Pension Service on 01/04/2016 changing profoundly the Belgian pension landscape.

Level of maturity

The 2011 CAF analysis showed that the digital channel was insufficiently developed. The organization had defined a multi-channel strategy, but the results for the citizen were insufficient. The 2017 CAF analysis showed that the investments made had largely eliminated the gap.

In the time between the two CAFs, the digital channel has been expanded and the necessary adjustments have been made based on the feedback from both external and internal clients. The Federal Pension Service (SFPD) is evolving in this domain regarding maturity from "Act" to "PDCA". An example of this is the ongoing review of the entire digital strategy. is a massive success. Since the latest update on 20/11/2017, introducing the estimate of the pension amount, more than 900.000 unique users have visited the site. Proof that satisfies a real need of Belgian citizens. Since july 2018, allows citizens to simulate the amount of pension on the pension-date that he chooses (not only the legal date but also earlier or later). 2.737.952 unique users since the beginning of

Innovative approachesInnovative approaches of the practice

Change process

The problem was easily seen: The online channel had to be expanded further. The CAF helped define the way this project was shaped by allowing inspection of the general strategy, the definition of the partners, the search for facts and figures, and the step-by-step development of the application according to PDCA principles.

The 2011 CAF showed that there was too little cooperation and communication in the domain across the different departments. For this project, not only was a multidisciplinary team put together, but a network of change agents was also developed in the various departments. These change agents were involved in testing, roll-out, communication, and collecting feedback. is now connected with ebox citizens, which allows citizens to read the documents from on other (non-government) plaforms such as doccle, bank applications and more.

Results and outcomesResults and outcomes of the CAF implementation

Process of implementation

The 2017 CAF shows that such an implementation is a never-ending story. The SFPD is clearly on a PDCA level in this domain. Whereas in 2011 the CAF demonstrated that the organization did not adequately cover certain domains, in 2017 we mainly see improvements in all areas in which action has been taken between the two CAFs. This has allowed for fundamental improvements to be made to and the underlying back office. Thus making it possible to increase the satisfaction of both employees and citizens without having to initiate totally new projects, but by improving existing ones on the basis of internal and external feedback.

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Federal Pension Service
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