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Environmental Association Schwechat

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DescriptionDescription of practice

As one of the first environmental association in Lower Austria, the AWS was awarded the quality seal "CAF Environmental Association" by the Province of Lower Austria in November 2014, thus confirming the excellent application of the CAF and the establishment of a culture of continuous improvement of the association in terms of quality management. The AWS has conducted the CAF twice before.

With about 40 employees in the administration and the ‘Wirtschaftshof’, the association organizes the waste disposal of 15 member municipalities. In recent years, the association has been able to further expand its range of services and has grown both in terms of personnel and structure. This has been accompanied by the creation of a new departmental structure in the organization and tasks based on these developments. AWS wants to further strengthen the already established quality management with the CAF.

AWS Schwechat would like to carry out a current assessment of the strengths, improvement potentials, and necessary measures of the organization to build on this to further advance internal organizational development and quality management. Therefore it decided, due to its experience with CAF in recent years, to adapt the CAF compact in 2021.

Results and outcomesResults and outcomes of the CAF implementation

The CAF assessment and the group reflection process in the workshop have once again shown, that consistent quality orientation and continuous improvement are part of AWS's self-image. With the third CAF, AWS was able to build on many existing strengths and measure already implemented steps, so that 13 important areas for further development could be identified.
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Environmental Association Schwechat
YearYear 2018, 2021 (CAF compact)
CountryCountry of the practice Austria
CityCity, town or village Schwadorf
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Abfallverband Schwechat
Type of organisationType of organisation Agency
Function of organisationFunction of organisation Environmental protection
Size of organisationSize of organisation 10-50
Level of governmentLevel of government Local Government, Regional Government
Effective CAF user dateDate since effective CAF user 2017, 2022"2017, 2022" contains a sequence that could not be interpreted against an available match matrix for date components.
OrganisationName of Organisation Abfallverband Schwechat
DepartmentDepartment of the organisation
AddressAddress of the organisation Industriestraße 248° 4' 38.73" N, 16° 35' 31.35" E
ZIPZIP code (postal code) 2432
CityCity, town or village Schwadorf
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