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DescriptionDescription of practice

EOPYY is the largest health insurance public organization in Greece. EOPYY’s purpose is to purchase health services for the insured citizens, retirees and for the protected members of their families, in accordance with the provisions of its Unified Regulation of Health Benefits (Greek law). It also aims in the establishment of rules for planning, quality, development, evaluation, securing and efficiency of the health services market, the management and control of funding, the rational use of available resources as well as the definition of criteria and conditions for concluding contracts for the purchase of health services with public and private sector providers and physicians. EOPYY, having early recognized the need to improve its administrative function, has a rather long history of implementation of CAF. The first two stage attempt of self-evaluation took place at the Headquarters of the Organization in the year 2017 and in its Regional Directorates in the year 2018. The result of that first self-evaluation round was the definition of specialized proposals - improvement measures, which were adopted by the Organization's board of directors. Applying the quality cycle, which consists of repetitive phases of planning, action, control and feedback, EOPYY returned with the second cycle of implementation of CAF in the second quarter of 2021, as soon as the epidemiological conditions, due to the coronavirus crisis, allowed it. Participation was again at very satisfactory levels, both by the employees of the Organization and by external participants. Following the second round of self-assessment, another decision of the EOPYY's board of directors emerged, with a commitment to further improve its administrative function.

Innovative approachesInnovative approaches of the practice

An important element of the CAF’s self-assessment applied in EOPYY is the fact that the scope of the application was defined to be the entire EOPYY’s staff. EOPYY’s evaluation by external bodies, providers and insured was also important. However, what stood out as an innovation in the second CAF application was the selection of a tool of the European Union for the completion of the questionnaires, the electronic platform EU Survey. EU Survey is the official multilingual online research management tool that can be used free of charge by all European citizens. The questionnaires were therefore fully electronic with anonymous completion by employees and external participants, assuring the security of personal data, while invitations were sent directly from the application and extraction of standardized results reports was provided by the platform.

Results and outcomesResults and outcomes of the CAF implementation

Regarding the results of 2021 self-evaluation, both EOPYY employees and the Self-Evaluation Team identified the results of EOPYY in terms of serving the citizen / client as a weak point. Analysis of Citizens / providers / institutions questionnaires showed a fairly positive view of EOPYY’s services and of EOPYY as a whole. Total 2021 score is marginally higher compared to 2017/2018, with greater improvement being presented in the staff results and in the main results of EOPYY. The strengths of EOPYY were identified in the financial management, the staff and the new e-services, while the weaknesses concern the absence of strategic plan, lack of support functions and poor ongoing development of the staff. Continuing the effort of administrative improvement, the Organization undertook a new commitment decision in order to implement the new specialized proposals - improvement measures by the Self-Evaluation Team through the CAF. Our goal is to incorporate those actions into the Strategic Objectives of the year 2022 and distribute them, after prioritization scheduling and assessing available resources, to the relevant EOPYY Directorates in order to be realized in the future.

Further informationFurther information of the practice

This second practice resulted in an improved CAF application in EOPYY, proved that accumulated experience in handling these tools can really contribute to their success and most importantly applicable proposals emerged with tangible benefits for EOPYY’s operation.

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Function of organisationFunction of organisation Health
Size of organisationSize of organisation 1001-5000
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OrganisationName of Organisation EOPYY
DepartmentDepartment of the organisation EOPYY
AddressAddress of the organisation Apostolou Pavlou 1238° 1' 54.93" N, 23° 47' 25.83" E
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