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Practice:Direzione Didattica DON MILANI of Giffoni Valle Piana and IC GIOVANNI XXIII of Acireale

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DescriptionDescription of practice

Both schools are CAF users since 2014 and since then the active use of the CAF has supported them in self-assessing and implementing improvement actions. The use of the CAF has strengthened the two school’s leadership, improved their management by processes and facts, led to a constantly trained staff and really involved stakeholders.

In 2015 the reform setting the new National Evaluation System framework introduced the duty for all Italian schools to regularly carry out self-assessment, monitoring and measuring not only the education results, but also performance management results, and to define annually an improvement action plan. So the use of the CAF model based on self-assessment and on Improvement Plan implementation, the TQM concepts and the PDCA logic upon which the model is based, has granted the two schools great expertise and endowed them with the necessary conceptual and operative tools to adequately face the demands of the new challenging Evaluation System.

Besides, before becoming CAF users both schools lived isolated, often in a self-referential dimension. CAF taught them the importance of comparing with others. And that is why both schools became members of Senza Zaino (meaning: without a backpack!), a national Network of almost 200 schools inspired by Universal Design for Learning and the best European pedagogical practices. It aims at children’s autonomy and co-responsibility in the planning of learning, at parents’ participation, at teachers’ cooperation in a professional community, where best practices are shared. Of course, both the school managers brought the experience of being CAF users in the network where independently an interest for the use of the model was arising.

Results and outcomesResults and outcomes of the CAF implementation

Both schools used the model effectively and went through the CEF procedure getting the ECU label in 2016. The deep holistic analysis following the 9 CAF criteria helped a lot the schools’ personnel to properly discover the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations.

In Direzione Didattica DON MILANI the use of CAF strengthened the middle management. The school started to introduce the monitoring of all actions and to develop improvement actions shared with the staff and all the stakeholders, both internal and external. This boosted the culture of social responsibility of each actor and triggered the social accountability process. IC GIOVANNI XXIII used CAF model to create fellowship, to find common values, to share ideas about the school mission and vision. Thanks to the deep and detailed analysis, the school found out how single key processes could trigger the change. A change made possible thanks to slow and continuous small steps, all with a star to follow: CAF EDU principle of EXCELLENCE which improves leadership and other actors’ commitment.

Moreover, the participation to Senza Zaino (SZ) Network is gave the schools the chance to improve educational practices, offering to teachers the opportunity to acquire new competences and to improve their relationship with all stakeholders.

During the last CAF application, the IC GIOVANNI XXIII had the opportunity to use a version of the model that has been enriched with reference to the Senza Zaino principles. As a matter of fact, thanks to the partnership of the Italian CAF Resource Centre with the SZ Network, in 2017 a personalization of the CAF model has been defined. And now with CAF model, the schools belonging to the Network can check the level of implementation of SZ practices, and principles. A pilot phase is now taking place with a number of schools applying CAF for SZ, supported at a distance by the National CAF Resource Centre through the digital platform F@CILE CAF (EASY CAF). After this pilot the CAF for SZ will be fine-tuned and its use will be proposed to all the other schools of the Network.

SZ is a holistic educational and teaching model which aims to create a community of good practices at school and among the many schools of the network. It is based on values such as fellowship, community, collaboration, democratic participation, responsibility, pupils’ self-esteem and autonomy. It’s well known as to be a really inclusive approach in the context of the national Education System, where the number of ADHD and Special need children is growing more and more inside the classrooms. CAF is an organizational model: the deep holistic analysis following the 9 criteria makes people of the organizations question about weaknesses and strengths in a scientific way supported by PDCA cycle logic and TQM principles. Both models look at school from the same point of view, pursuing the same goals: commitment, people’s participation, shared responsibility, feeling active part of the system you work for. SZ Network needed a way to look at the general performance of its schools, a way to connect more every classroom to the whole school and many schools to each other. And overall a way to disseminate and strengthen the culture of continuous performance improvement inside the network. Therefore the “fruitful marriage” of these two models appears to be a win-win formula and it allows to extend the CAF principles to a net of schools with a very wide and pervasive impact.

SZ Network is giving its schools this big opportunity and the new challenge to bench-learn among each other. Inside the net all schools share a similar mission, vision, same values to practices, same good practices for setting, teaching, organizing. Inside the net it will be easier to do bench-learning and find in the net ideas and motivation for improvement.

Further informationFurther information of the practice

This is an application form for a Good Practice Case for the 8th European CAF-User Event.
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Direzione Didattica DON MILANI of Giffoni Valle Piana and IC GIOVANNI XXIII of Acireale
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Direzione Didattica DON MILANI of Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno- Campania) and IC GIOVANNI XXIII of Acireale (Catania - Sicily) ITALY
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