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How to get support in using CAF2020

From CAF Network

In 2001, a network of National CAF Correspondents, as well as the European CAF Resource Centre (CAF RC) was created following the decision of the Directors-General in charge of public service. The CAF network is responsible at European level for the development and follow-ups of the CAF. It periodically discusses new tools and strategies for the promotion of CAF implementation. It organises a European CAF Users Event every two years, at which national experts and users discuss good practices and exchange ideas.

In the Member States, the National CAF Correspondents develop appropriate initiatives to stimulate and support the use of the model in their countries. Activities vary from the creation of national resource centres to dedicated websites or quality conferences. Joint CAF projects are common, often in the context of the use of EU funding, that involve two or more European or candidate countries (especially twinning and TAIEX activities) and countries of other continents too.

The European CAF RC is based at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht (NL) and is responsible for supporting CAF implementation in Europe. Main tasks are generation of expert content, coordination of the CAF network meetings, training delivery, surveys on CAF implementation, management of the CAF website with all relevant information about CAF users and National CAF Correspondents, and all related publications (survey reports and newsletters).

It also supports on demand from Member States the organisation of ‘CAF Events’ that are held every two years at European level and deliver the common European training scheme for CAF External Feedback Actors.

In the following chapters you will find information concerning

  • the CAF2020 assessment framework (Chapter II)
  • the scoring system (Chapter III)
  • the self-assessment process (Chapter IV)
  • the external feedback procedure (Chapter V)
  • the CAF glossary.