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From CAF Network
Digitalisation digitisation, digital transformation
Digitalisation in a technical description is the process of converting analogue information into digital and computer readable data. Due to the rapid development of computer technology, Internet and social media digitalisation is changing society, business and public service delivery in many areas. Public sector organisations have to prepare their employees using the power of digitalisation to solve current problems or find new and more effective ways of service delivery. Measures in these areas can be defining a digitalisation strategy, training, guidelines for data protection, appointment of data protection officers etc. Digital competences refer to the confident and critical usage of the full range of digital technologies for information, communication and basic problem solving. Digital transformation and innovation refer to a process of adopting digital tools and methods by an organisation, typically those that have either not been including the digital factor as part of their core activities or have not kept up with the pace of change in digital technologies. The practice of digital transformation in the public sector must also consider the public purpose and involve additional factors of ownership and retentionof public data (especially identity), data security and privacy, digital service accessibility for everyone and public digital literacy.