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Appraisal performance appraisal, performance interviews
Performance appraisal needs to be understood in the management context. Usually, the management system of an organisation will include the assessment of individual employees’ job performance. This practice helps to monitor the departmental and overall organisational performance by aggregating the individual performance at different management levels within the organisation.
The personal appraisal interview between the individual employee and their line manager is the most common way for appraisal to be carried out. During the interview, in addition to an appraisal of performance, other aspects of the individual’s employment can be assessed including level of job knowledge and competences from which training needs can be identified. In a TQM approach, the PDCA, based on continuous improvement, is used at the individual level: PLAN the job for the coming year, DO the job, CHECK your outcomes during the performance appraisal interview and ACT if necessary for the next year: the objectives, the means and the competences. There are several ways to increase the objectivity of performance appraisal:
  • The upward appraisal where managers are evaluated by employees directly reporting to them.
  • The 360 degrees appraisal where managers are evaluated from different points of views: general managers, peers, collaborators and customers.