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Criterion 4

From CAF Network

Partnerships and Resources

Public sector organisations need resources of different kinds to support the implementation of strategy and planning, and the effective operation of its processes. Resources can be of a material or non-material nature and have to be managed carefully.

Partners of different types e.g. other public organisations, NGOs, education organisations, private providers of services bring necessary expertise to the organisation and stimulate its external focus.

The collaboration with citizens and civil society organisations is a kind of partnership which is more and more relevant for public sector organisations. Public organisations are increasingly seen as part of a chain of organisations that all together are working towards specific outcomes for citizens (e.g. in the area of security or health).

Besides partnerships, organisations need to manage relevant resources –such as finances, knowledge, technology, facilities –to assure their effective functioning.

Efficient, innovative and transparent resource management is essential for public organisations to ensure accountability towards the different stakeholders on the legitimate use of available resources.