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From CAF Network
CAF 2020 in 10 Minutes

CAF2020 is the fifth version of the Common Assessment Framework, which is a European guide to good governance and excellence in public sector organisations.

What’s new in CAF2020?[edit]

The basic structure with 9 criteria and 28 subcriteria has been preserved. The language has been simplified, shortened and is now more concise. CAF2020 has 6 new focus areas:

  • Impact of Digitalisation on Public Sector Organisations.
  • How to ensure Agility and
  • Innovation of public administration?
  • Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as leading principles of public governance,
  • Managing Diversity,
  • Collaboration with citizens and civil society.

As a result, there have been significant changes in each individual subcriterion and examples. However, users of previous CAF versions will not find it too difficult to become familiar with the new version; the compatibility with the predecessor, CAF2013, is ensured.

The guiding principles for CAF2020 are the principles and findings from:

  • the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations;
  • the toolbox – Quality of Public Administration, European Commission, 2018;
  • Principles of Public Administration, SIGMA OECD, 2019;
  • Embracing Innovation in Governments Global Trends, OECD 2018;
  • Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), OECD;
  • the five principles of the European Ombudsman’s public service: commitment to the European union and its citizens, integrity, objectivity, respect from others and transparency.


Further language versions can be found in Documents.

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