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Practice:The Administrative Information Service System in the Administrative Unit Celje

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DescriptionDescription of practice

The implementation of the Administrative and Information Service System Celje (hereinafter: AISS) primarily represents the improvement of administrative services and the consequent increase of the administrative standard. It makes it possible for users of our services to find answers to general questions in relation to many administrative matters in one place while they do not need to know which administrative authority has jurisdiction in the matter. To gain information, clients do not have to go to the premises of the authorities because they are able to obtain all the information on their personal computer. Through AISS, 164 requested pieces of information were provided to our clients in 2010, 154 in 2011, 165 in 2012, 227 in 2013, 213 in 2014, and 162 in 2015. AISS has been operating for six years and, in this time, it has been visited by 47.500 people or averagely by 8000 visitors per year. Each visitor checks 2.89 pages of online service on average (sub-criterion6.1. CAF).

151Access to updated information is available not only to clients from the Celje area, but also clients from other parts of Slovenia and to inhabitants of other countries who are managing their administrative affairs in the Republic of Slovenia. Itwas discovered through Google Analytics that most AISS visitors are from Ljubljana (40.57%), Celje (22.80%), Maribor (9.66%), Novo Mesto (2.46%), Velenje (2.28%) and Koper (2.11%). The majority of AISS visitors are from Slovenia (95%) and the other 5% arefrom the USA, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Russia, and Switzerland

Since 2003, the Celje Administrative Unit (Celje AU) has been interviewing clients about their satisfaction with the work of Celje AU. Each year, the level of our clients' satisfaction has been high. Interviews in 2012 and 2014, which were done after the implementation of AISS, showed that satisfaction increased even more. The quality of Celje AU services was given a score of 4.67in 2012 and 4.79 in 2014 (sub-criterion9.1. CAF).

Results and outcomesResults and outcomes of the CAF implementation

AISS was made and is now developing as a common project with other state authorities, local self-government authorities, and other public sector organisations in the area of Celje (hereinafter: authorities). Celje AU monitors and evaluates how results of different partnerships are achieved. Among other things, the authorities involved are interviewed about their satisfaction with Celje AU's work. It has been discovered that, after the implementation of AISS, cooperation between the authorities in our area has additionally improved and that satisfaction of other authorities with Celje AU's work has considerably increased (sub-criterion8.2. CAF). Celje AU had been measuring other authorities' satisfaction with its work even before the implementation of AISS in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. The satisfaction was scored highly each year (average score: 3.93 -4.26).The first interviews after the implementation took place in 2012. After the implementation of AISS, the satisfaction with Celje AU’s work increased significantly (average score: 4,88). Authorities in the area of Celje will be interviewed again at the end of 2016, in accordance with our action plan.

Celje AU has been answering our clients’ questions relating to administrative matters in different media for a few years now. It has been discovered that the Celje AU is not competent to answer many of these questions, but this is in the jurisdiction of other authorities. Clients have been asking questions regarding taxes, inspectional procedures, health and retirement insurance, employment, social services and much more that is not in the jurisdiction of Celje AU. Several times, questions were received, for which only partial answers were possible because, according to jurisdiction, more authorities would be needed to provide complete information.

Considering that the Republic of Slovenia does not have administrative districts and regions, authorities work independently on the territorial level in the area of their jurisdiction. According to dispersed activities of the authorities, good cooperation is that much more important to provide effective administrative services.

Therefore, a decision was reached to offer our clients online, interactive, publicly accessible service where clients will obtain answers to general questions about administrative matters in one place. To gain information, clients will not have to go to the premises of the authorities, because they will be able to obtain all information online on their personal computer. Furthermore, they will not have to know exactly in jurisdiction of which authority the matter of their question is (sub-criterion4.4 CAF).

155The Head of Celje AU, Damjan Vrečko, has presented the idea about AISS online service to the heads of authorities operating together within the Coordination Advisory Committee of the Head of the Celje Administrative Unit. Heads of all mentioned authorities have supported the idea and have joined the common project of introducing AISS to practice (sub-criterion4.1. CAF).

In February 2010, Celje AU signed the agreement on the establishment of AISS with all of the authorities who committed to participate in accordance with standards agreed upon in advance. An agreement was reached that the executive editor of the online service (online administrator) will be employed by Celje AU. Each of the authorities agreed to appoint a sectoral editor within their authority who will be responsible for preparing answers in the area of their jurisdiction. In the agreement, all of the authorities undertook to answer the questions in the shortest time possible, preferably in three days after receiving the question in the notification system.

That is how the Administrative Information Service System was invented. AISS has been active on the website www.uis.sisince 31th of March 2010.

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The Administrative Information Service System in the Administrative Unit Celje
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