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City Hall of Lublin

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DescriptionDescription of practice

The self-assessment process was conducted for the first time in Lublin City Hall in 2010 within the „Preparation of local government units for application of Common Assessment Framework (CAF) in the process of potential and achievements measurement by staff trainings and advisory assistance” project. The project was realized by the Minister of Interior and Administration in partnership with F5 Consulting Sp. z o.o. company. The funds for realization of the project were acquired from the European Social Fund. The self-assessment was made by the team consisting of: Management Section (2 people), Realization Section (2 people), Self-assessment Groups (33 people) divided into 5 subgroups. An external consultant watched over the teamwork. Another self-assessment was conducted by the City Hall workers in 2012 based on their own knowledge and resources, without the help of outside institutions. The team of 37 workers consisted of previous self-assessment participants as well as new ones which were trained by an internal coach. It was similar to the self-assessment conducted between November 2015 and May 2016. The team consisted of 54 people. In each case the affiliation with the team was voluntary (the self-assessment participants volunteered to take part in the endeavor) and it was also based on the principle of representativeness (the self-assessment participants worked in different departments and held various positions). The growing number of the team participants points to the method’s increasing popularity. Solutions implemented as proposed by the teams (part of them was presented in table 1) have been used and developed up to this day. In 2015, Lublin City Hall successfully underwent the CAF Application Quality authentication and received Effective CAF User authentication. Currently the City Hall is preparing for another self-assessment.

Innovative approachesInnovative approaches of the practice

More management tools are applied along with the CAF method. The self-assessment has been conducted as part of managerial control system since 2011. Goals and tasks are set and their realization is closely monitored. The risk is gauged and analyzed. Self-assessment is conducted annually and it is based on a managerial control self-assessment questionnaire. For the past ten years the Quality Management System based on ISO has been continuously developed. It incorporates all areas of the Office’s functioning. Introduction of the System was the strategic decision of the top management made in order to improve the quality of provided services and to improve the effectiveness of work around the Office.

Results and outcomesResults and outcomes of the CAF implementation

The Secretary of Lublin watches over the management tools. It ensures coherence of the respective tools as well as their continuous development and complementary character. The main goal of CAF self-assessment, Quality Management System and Management Verification is continuous improvement and development. Implemented Quality Policy, defined goals, results of quality audits, self-assessment, perfecting actions, management reviews contribute to the continuous development and improvement. Furthermore, procedural management and realization of the services as well as management of projects based on Prince 2 methodology also contribute to the development of the Office. All of this makes the Office more efficient, more effective and the city of Lublin is developing in a dynamic way.

Further informationFurther information of the practice

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City Hall of Lublin
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